Our Team

  • Xristopher Anderton
    Lead Developer

  • Rebecca Anzuoni
    Vice President for Marketing

  • Michael Armini
    Senior Vice President for External Affairs

  • Sara Awaleh
    Media Relations Specialist

  • David Brade
    Associate Director - Community Development Initiatives

  • Ashanti Brown
    Community Relations Coordinator

  • Marin Carroll
    Full Stack Developer

  • Troy Castillo
    Marketing Manager

  • Zach Christensen
    Senior Digital Designer

  • Jack Cline
    Vice President for Federal Relations

  • Danielle Cochran
    Office Administrator

  • Mark Conti
    Managing Editor

  • Jorge Dias
    Community Engagement & Off-Campus Student Liaison

  • Meghan Donovan
    Director of Digital News and Social Media

  • Matthew Eames, PhD
    Video Producer

  • Michael Ferrari
    Assistant Vice President for External Affairs

  • Adam Fischer
    Director - Video Productions & Northeastern Films

  • Michael FitzGerald
    Special Event Manager & Community Liaison

  • Trent Gaffney
    Lead Full Stack Developer

  • Maria Galarza
    Director of Administration and Finance

  • Ed Gavaghan
    Senior Media Relations Specialist

  • Denise Gotta
    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Rachel Gouhin
    Project Manager, Communications

  • Magdalena Hernandez
    Senior Copywriter/Editor

  • Cynthia Hibbert
    News Reporter

  • Clare Horn
    Director for Marketing Content

  • Diane Hubbard
    Assistant Director of Administration & Finance

  • Fernanda Hurtado Ortiz
    Social Media Manager

  • Chimel Idiokitas
    Assistant Vice President for City & Community Affairs

  • David Isberg
    Assistant Vice President for City & Community Engagement

  • Marissa Itkowsky
    Associate Director of Project Management

  • Morgyn Joubert
    Digital Media Producer

  • Karin Kiewra
    Senior Writer/Editor

  • Alexa Kummrow
    Media Relations Specialist

  • Alena Kuzub
    News Reporter

  • Noah Lloyd, PhD
    Senior Writer

  • Lilly Lowe
    Associate Director of Marketing Content

  • Eliza Lucas
    Director of Design Operations

  • Kyle Marcy
    Web Developer

  • Cody Mello-Klein
    News Reporter

  • Matthew Modoono
    Director of Photography

  • Hannah Moore
    Front-End and UX/UI Developer

  • Jill Murphy
    Executive Assistant to the Vice President of City & Community Engagement

  • Dave Nordman
    Executive Editor

  • Renata Nyul
    Vice President for Communications

  • Brendan O'Bryan
    Director of Public Policy

  • Caitlin O'Donnell
    Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Executive Projects

  • Francis Oywech
    IT Operations Manager

  • Victoria Partika
    Social Media Specialist, Oakland Campus

  • Glenn Pike
    Senior Digital Media Producer

  • Michaela Quigley
    Editor - Partnerships & Engagement, Experience Magazine

  • Joseph Regan, PhD
    City Engagement & Operations Manager

  • Virginia Roa
    Audience Engagement Manager

  • Abigail Robbins
    Federal Relations Specialist

  • Kayla Roth-Heinlein
    Marketing Manager

  • Marirose Sartoretto
    Assistant Media Relations Manager

  • David Sideri
    Digital Project Manager

  • Brandon Silva
    IT Support Specialist

  • Stephanie Sim
    SEO & Data Analyst

  • Denis Skarep
    Senior Production Artist

  • Cameron Sleeper
    Social Media Video Producer

  • Court Smith
    Web Developer II

  • Greg St. Martin
    Senior Writer/Editor

  • Tanner Stening
    Campus News Reporter

  • Sarah Sterritt
    Director for Marketing

  • Alyssa Stone
    Staff Photographer

  • Joseann Tejeda
    Video Producer

  • Ian Thomsen
    Multimedia Reporter

  • John Tobin
    Vice President, City & Community Engagement

  • Erick Trickey
    Editor, Experience Magazine

  • Thomas Vannatter
    Public Art Manager

  • Emily Veillette
    Marketing Operations Manager

  • Schuyler Velasco
    Senior Writer, Experience Magazine

  • Joanna Weiss
    Editor-in-Chief, Experience Magazine

  • Heather Wiggins Berger
    Assistant Director of Marketing

  • Michael Workman
    Design Director, Experience Magazine