Rebecca Anzuoni
Vice President for Marketing



Rebecca Anzuoni, Vice President for Marketing, leads the team charged with managing the Northeastern global brand position and standards. She works with senior leaders to build a cohesive brand experience that supports Northeastern 2025, the university’s vision for learning and discovery.

For more than 20 years, Anzuoni has spearheaded successful enterprise marketing strategies and campaigns for global brands such as AT&T, Pfizer, and Toyota. At Northeastern, she oversees a diverse team of marketing and branding strategists, technologists, writers, and designers in engaging and meeting the needs of audiences across the university’s global network.

Anzuoni is adept at developing brand experiences for these audience, leveraging the latest technologies in doing so. She also relishes collaboration. By bringing teams together, she helps turn the best ideas into measurable results.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Wellesley College and dabbling in the arts, Anzuoni met her interests in the middle with marketing, a field that relies equally on quantitative reasoning and creativity.